Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: 

“This budget virtually abandons the provincial commitment to reduce child poverty by 25% in 2013 — the budget speech doesn’t even bother to talk about the poor other than to say social assistance rates will be frozen. Combine that with a slow-down in planned Ontario Child Benefit increases and there is no way this government can meet its promised target. It doesn’t even address it in this budget.” Read more.

Wellesley Institute: 

“The combination of the social assistance rate freeze, the delayed increase in the Ontario Child Benefit, and reduced access to essential benefits will take $180 million out of the pockets of the poorest Ontarians. These cutbacks in services will have a direct and negative impact on the health of some of Ontario’s most marginalized populations, and all Ontarians have to share the social and economic costs of poor health.” Read more.

“Ontario Budget 2012 continues the erosion of affordable housing investments at a time when the housing needs of households who are precariously housed remain deep and persistent.” Read more.

Income Security Advocacy Centre: 

“Ministry officials confirmed today that Basic Needs rates will once again be restructured when the additional $100 per year is added to the Ontario Child Benefit in July 2012. The details of what the Basic Needs benefit will look like for people with children on OW and ODSP are yet to be determined.” Read more.


“The exclusion of child care from this budget is particularly concerning. Affordable, regulated child care is critical to the economic well-being of low income families with children under 4 years old. Many of these families are unable to realize their economic potential because of the lack of affordable regulated child care in Ontario. By not addressing this problem the government is adding to the province’s labour market woes.” Read more.